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Block and Flow Talks

This is a series of Pecha Kucha talks (7 minute talks) that accompanied the initial concept “Block and Flow Exhibition” by Mandi Lynn in October of 2016.

  • Sensual Body + Luscious Earth
  • How to Win at Life
  • Artists – An Inner World Tour

Course Outline & Enrolment

Part 1 – Beginning Body Love – (Free)

This taster of the Mojo Dojo Body Love Course enables you to learn Mandi’s #1 technique required to lay the foundation to remove what is blocking your happiness. And you get access to the Body Love Quiz.

Course Outline & Enrolment

Part 2 – A Body Love Mind Spa

The full course to help walk you through Mandi Lynn’s techniques to clean up your thinking and get comfortable in your own skin no matter your size or your age.

Course Outline & Enrolment

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